Early models

4x4 offroader (2011)

My first MOC was a manual model with 4x4 drive with V6 fake engine, 2-speed gearbox and central differential with differential lock. It had steering with Ackermann geometry, Hand of God and working steering wheel.
The suspension was implemented with floating axles and Panhard-rod lateral positioning.

Supercar (2012)

My second MOC was a quite complex one with 5+R gearbox, rear-wheel drive, fake V12 engine at the middle and popup headlights. Also it had scissor-like doors with simultaneous upwards and sidewards movement. Since I didn't have an extension part for the gearbox clutch gears (for reverse), I had to implement a rather complex gearbox. It also featured independent suspension and Hand of God steering with working steering wheel. The doors could be operated separately with small knobs on top of the dashboard. My inventory was still very limited so the bodywork was minimal.

Jet-ski (2012)

It was designed for the [TSATS] contest hosted by Eurobricks.com and the task was to design a water related model. This was a model with motorized fake engine and propeller. It was not an RC model, so it didn't roll. The steering stem was operating the nozzle. It also featured thrust reverser (a device used for backwards moving) and throttle feature: the revolution of the drivetrain could be controlled with a handlebar on the stem through a linkage that could affect the friction of one output of a differential. The differential was driven by a medium motor and by increasing the friction, the other output (the drivetrain) of the differential spun up.
The model was blogged by Lego Technic Motorcycles.

Hummer (2012)

This was a too ambitious model with planned features such as remote controlled drive, manual 5+R gearbox with central and rear differential lock, V8 fake engine, working winch, portal axles and adjustable ride height. I gave up the last feature quite quickly. Due to the portal axles, the space between the differential and the wheel-hubs was very limited, so I had to give up on the rear diff-lock too in order to maintain the realistic proportions. Because of the hubs the wheel looked awful when steered fully and this took away all my inspiration.
I only implemented the winch, the front suspension, the fake engine with the gearbox and the central differential. I also achieved a rolling chassis but the project was over my head that time so I abandoned it but wanted to continue when I get the necessary skills. I never got back to it though.

Rally car (2013)

Small scale model in remote controlled and manual version. The remote controlled version was designed for an exhibition in a few days time. The manual chassis was a complete redesign and took much more time. It featured a mini V6 fake engine, steering with Hand oh God and working steering wheel and Ackermann geometry. All doors and hatches could be opened.

This was the first model for which I made building instructions. See it on Rebrickable or download directly from here.

See full gallery of the motorized version here and the manual version here.